Vinyasa Flow English

Youtube class will be available for 48 hours

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  • 7 euros


This class is an all level Vinyasa Flow class. There is usually a focus pose toward the end of the lesson, with plenty of options along the way to find the right practice for you. The booking page cannot be translated into English, unfortunately. If you contact me and send me a transfer via Paypal, I can manually enter your class pass for you. Basically, you purchase the pass, you sign up under online class registration and then I send you the link. I will be creating the class for YouTube and you will have 48 hours to participate. You can post questions via chat, or directly to me. I will get back with you as promptly as possible. After the 48 hour window the class will be deleted. I have chosen this method instead of zoom because of music, the different time zones and needs of students and myself, and because the image and sound quality are superior. I know it's a bit impersonal, but it's the best I can do at this time. The class price reflects this.

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